The Things They Carried: 364 Day Anniversary

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

364 Day Anniversary

So, this weekend the band and I headed to Virginia Beach to shoot our first music video! We went to this location in the woods it was pretty sweet! Very muddy though =/ ... Some of my drums, hardware, and cases got covered in mud, and I even lost one of my drum rugs it was too muddy to put into the van. But from what I've seen of the video so far it looks like its gonna come out great! When we went all that was filmed was our performance scene. There will be another scene with actors and a storyline and all that good stuff so it should be sweet.

There is also a "behind the scenes" video up on our Facebook Page so definitely be sure to check that out.

Also, two albums you must check out:

Selfish Machines by Pierce The Veil

Illuminaudio by Chiodos

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