The Things They Carried

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

There's Something I Can't Tell Anyone

There's Something I Can't Tell Anyone
This is the front cover of our record. It took a few months and a few graphic designers, but we finally got the right one!

It'll be out December 17th, the same day as our CD Release show.

Also, the music video for 364-Day Anniversary will be up any day now!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Atlantean Artist Management

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Moving Things Along and Sign Me To

Hey everybody! Some more stuff thats going on with 3TC:

We recently joined this site: Sign Me To Roadrunner

This site basically is a place where you can upload songs and what you are all about and have the opportunity to get reviewed by fans and A&R's from Roadrunner, and anyone really. We actually have been #1 on the Alternative charts for about a week now, so its kindof cool! If you have heard my band, you should definitely head over and rate and review us, it would mean a lot to us! : )

We got a ton of great reviews as well as criticisms, but I love haters because they motivate you to work harder. There has been a lot of controversy (via the reviews) over our image and how it doesn't fit our music, and how we should be in the Metal catogory and not alternative. This may be true, but im glad we did what we did because I feel that these things attract attention, and "no press is bad press?"

These are things we are taking into consideration, however to be honest I feel the image makes sense because were just 4 regular people, not like other bands in our genre who wear makeup and have long hair and where sunglasses in their photos and countless other stupid shit, IMeanComeOn! As for the genre being alternative on the site, I think that was just a simple error when we signed up for the site and if we could go back in time we would have just clicked Metal. However, perhaps had we done so, we might not have been #1 for the last few days so I guess everything happens for a reason.

In other news, we have reached over 1,400 fans on Facebook which is cool. It's moving along pretty rapidly. If you check our Facebook you will see updates at minimum once per day, and tons of interaction between us and our fans. So were definitely attempting to do the right things and make the right moves here!

Hmm...thats about all I got for now but ill be sure to update soon with more stuff! Peace!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

364 Day Anniversary

So, this weekend the band and I headed to Virginia Beach to shoot our first music video! We went to this location in the woods it was pretty sweet! Very muddy though =/ ... Some of my drums, hardware, and cases got covered in mud, and I even lost one of my drum rugs it was too muddy to put into the van. But from what I've seen of the video so far it looks like its gonna come out great! When we went all that was filmed was our performance scene. There will be another scene with actors and a storyline and all that good stuff so it should be sweet.

There is also a "behind the scenes" video up on our Facebook Page so definitely be sure to check that out.

Also, two albums you must check out:

Selfish Machines by Pierce The Veil

Illuminaudio by Chiodos

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Music Video!!!

Hey everybody! So here are some updates on whats going on with 3TC...

The lineup for our CD Release Show is finally complete. There are some incredible bands playing, I feel like this is a very honest attempt at bringing back the days when the Long Island music scene was at its peak. Awesome bands, laid back yet hard working promoters (3TC) and no ticket pre-sales is the way we did it back in the day, when it would be a piece of cake to get 500+ kids to a show every Friday night!

Check out the flyer...

The Venetia Fair, A Faylene Sky...this show is gonna be sick!

In other news, we are headed to Virginia Beach tomorrow (10/21/10) to shoot our music video for our first single "364-Day Anniversary" with director Scott Hansen. He's done videos for bands in our genre like A Day To Remember, Alesana, We Came As Romans, and more. So were very excited about this and I think the video is going to come out great.

You should all definitely 'like' the band on Facebook, it would be greatly appreciated and its an even better way to keep up with our latest news and tour dates!

The Things They Carried on Facebook

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Blog

Hey you guys, this is my first blog post! Here, I am going to be blogging about my band, The Things They Carried.

We recently got back from Seattle, WA where we recorded our first full length record. Right now, we are doing a lot of post-production type of stuff, like album artwork, packaging, getting new layouts up for websites and myspace and all that good stuff.

Also, we are planning our CD release show, which will be December 17 at Broadway in Amityville, NY. We have confirmed The Venetia Fair (an awesome band from Massachusetts) as the Co-Headliner for that show, so we are very excited about that. I will talk about this show more, perhaps in my next blog or something.

Since this is my first post, I want to keep it super short. However, I will go into more detail about my band and myself and fill you in on a "behind the scenes" look sort of thing with everything that's happening with us.

Some cool links to check out: